Ihrm case study with solution

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. International Human Resource Management Q. Harsha Devarkar. Need Answer Sheet of this Question paper, contact aravind. It produces and markets all types of electronics goods in most of the Asian and Pacific countries. It has been one among the top five companies as for the level of technology and one among the top three Companies regarding marketing of the products in Malaysia.

But this company has been struggling a lot because of a minor problem relating to administration of salary and benefits. The problem is stated hereunder. The company employed nearly national young graduate and post graduate engineers and 20 expatriate engineers. The expatriate employees occupied higher position in all the departments including Human Resource Department. The base salary of the company is the same for both the expatriate and national employees.

But expatriate receive additional allowances like international market allowance, educational allowance, settling-in allowance, car allowance, housing allowance and entertainment allowance. The national employees demanded the management to pay equally with that of expatriates immediately.

According to them, the pocket frustrates them severely.

International Human Resource Management Case Study For Practice

Explain in brief different areas of global training and development. Why does it take place for women employees and employees belonging to minority groups? Discuss the practices of participative management in different countries. Related Papers. By Ami Myst. By Vesa Suutari. By Christelle Tornikoski. By Madhushree Mahadevaiah.Ease your MBA workload and get more time for yourself.

A company that is able to deal with culture diversity functionally may obtain the intangible cultural competitive advantages in the industry field it belongs to; vice versa, it may lose such important advantages because of its poor management of potential cultural conflicts.

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More specifically, to manage a cross-cultural company effectively for the purpose of maximising its productivity, following three issues will be proposed in the text: the first one is about how to clearly identify the nature and implications of national culture diversities within an international working team; the second one refers to how to establish a basis for building knowledge and awareness on culture diversities and an example of explaining and managing the expatriation issues will be given in more details; and the third one is concerning how to set a framework for developing a high performing team, where the cultural issues will be thought over.

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Login University Login. Forgot Password? Create an account click here. Most Recent Request oilwell cable comp research methods human resource sho toyota adopts a st Bridgeton. Report this paper. Save Paper.Management Intro. In recent times, the world has become a global village. Markets all over the world have become part of a well-knit network. Indian companies have also geared up to meet the challenges of operating in a global market.

The number of HR activities and the complexity of those activities, increase from a local to a global firm. International Human Resource Management is characterized by increased complexity of HR activities, cultural awareness and tolerance, stronger relationship with employees and their families, different expectations and requirements of employees across cultures, management of cross-cultural teams and diluted risk on the business front and increased risk on the people front.

Business in India and worldwide has seen some phenomenal developments after the introduction of reforms in recent times.

The magnitude of FDI investments in the country is an indication of the attractiveness of the Indian market. Indian MNCs have also made a mark in the international market. Expansion of business horizons implies greater challenges in terms of human resource management.

The different IHRM activities include normal HR activities like human resource planning, performance management, compensation management, training, etc. The specific IHRM activities include expatriate assignment management, expatriate training, management of cross-cultural work-teams, cross-cultural training etc.

Activities like compensation management and performance management have to be tackled carefully to ensure perceived equity and the trust of employees worldwide. Strategic IHRM is an important element of the corporate strategy of a global firm. An international firm should have a global strategy that acts as a directive to all its subsidiaries operating in different parts of the world. Strategic HRM helps a firm with global operations identify the opportunities available in the global market and respond accordingly given the strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

It also helps to identify and tackle any threats specific to the industry or the manpower market. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Introduction to Human Resource Management. ICMR News. Business Reports. Case Studies. Free Resources. About Us. Contact Us.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up.

Human Resource Management Case Studies with solutions. Amjed Ali. It gives clear picture of the concepts when you practice it through case studies.

ihrm case study with solution

Here we have tried to give some live case studies which are interesting and allows you to think beyond the theoretical part and make you capable to apply the concepts in real time situations.

We are also providing to provide solutions which are free of cost. We welcome your feedback about these case studies. Harsha placed in HR department as employee counselor and Franklin in nance department as key nance executive.

By nature Harsha is friendly in nature and ready to help the needy. One morning Mr. In the afternoon Mr. By listening this statement Mr. Mehta explained Franklin the reasons for such partial behavior of the employees.

After listening to Mr. And he called Harsha and spoke with like before. Question Find the reason that Mr. Mehta would have given to Franklin. Solution for Case Study Mr.Human resource management HRM is one of the most important components of the overall management in healthcare organizations since it influences the performance of the healthcare staff.

In turn, the performance of the health care staff influences quality of care provided to patients. This presents an analysis of cases of two hospitals using HRM theories and models.

The first hospital lacks a functional HR management while the second hospital has an effective one. The paper describes the issues being faced by the first hospital and gives recommendation on how to improve its HRM. Also, the paper explores the features that should be incorporated in HRM in order to enhance sustainability of its capability. HRM practices and functions have a direct impact on the performance outcomes of organizations. In healthcare organizations, the level of effectiveness of HRM practices influences the levels of performance of the healthcare workers.

Coca-Cola Case Study Analysis

This paper analyzes the functions and roles of the human resource HR department based on cases of two hospitals set up in Australia. First, the paper explains the course of action that the first hospital should take in order to enhance its HRM.

Second, the paper describes the features that should be adopted in organizations in order to enhance the capability of HR functions. As explained in the analysis, an effective HRM enhances the satisfaction and commitment of employees, leading to improvement in their performance, whereas an ineffective HRM has an opposite effect. HRM functions in that hospital are delegated by the CEO and the finance manager to the middle managers in the organization, who do not have adequate knowledge and skills in HRM.

Consequently, there have been inconsistencies in the HRM practices of the middle managers and supervisors. The hospital has also been facing numerous issues related to staff, including staff shortages, absenteeism and turnover, high level of grievances and industrial disputes. The ultimate problem the first hospital is facing is that the quality of care provided by the healthcare staff has been low, and the rate of accidents has been high. Such problems are common in organizations that do not have functional HR departments or effective HRM.

In contrast, the second hospital has a functional and effective HR department. The HRM in the second has led to improvement in employee satisfaction, motivation and commitment. Consequently, the second hospital has been offering high quality care to patients. Unfortunately, the CEO of the first hospital does not understand that the challenges being faced in the organization are caused by the lack of an effective HRM. The CEO of the first hospital should consider establishing an effective and distinct HR department and enhance its effectiveness through adding the essential features.

Establishing an effective HR department will help various issues described below.The global economy and the technological advancement which have evolved over the years have influenced how multinational organizations carry out their business activities.

In this case, most firms have been motivated to send their employees to foreign countries as part of a competitive strategy. They employees who are assigned to work overseas are known as expatriates.

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The success of sending employees abroad depends on the ability of the organization to hire the right talent. Besides, such employees must be hired at the appropriate time and must be sent to the right countries.

ihrm case study with solution

Besides, they control foreign operations by implementing the right technology so as to adapt to the international market. The growing number of the international assignments has changed the role of the human resource management.

The success of most global organizations depends on the international assignments. Most global companies send their employees abroad so as to lift the global image reputation of the organization and also to cultivate the potential of their employees. Taking international assignments enhances future career progression and growth or advancement. Failure to take international assignments is usually considered as a primary draw back to the organization.

Therefore, the employers are required to consider various legal and economic factors before sending their employees abroad to act as expatriates. Despite the advantages of taking international assignments, employees are obliged to consider various factors before declining or accepting the offer. However, various expatriation failures may obstruct employees from taking such assignments. Such factors include demographic factors, family related issues, culture and environment of the foreign country, prior experience of the foreign country, and job-related issues.

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According to the most studies which have been conducted by various researchers; family matters have been the leading contributing factor that influences the ability of employees to take international assignments. In most cases, the expatriates do consider their spouses and children before making the final decision to relocate to other countries. Sometimes the family members fear for the political and environmental factors in the foreign countries thus discouraging the expatriates from taking international assignments.

ihrm case study with solution

Other family members who have a prior experience of the performance of the company in the foreign countries may also influence the decision of taking an international assignment. In western countries, the expatriates are usually accompanied by their children and spouse when moving to a foreign country.

In this case, the spouse will be forced to quit their current job. Besides, the children will be compelled to look for new schools. As such, the spouse of the expatriate will be forced to become jobless while seeking for a new employment opportunity in a foreign country. The attitude of the spouse plays an important role in influencing the employee to take up global roles.

Today, most women are full-time employees. In this case, they consider themselves as dual income families.

Human Resource Management Case Study Analysis

Dual income families are those who hold senior management positions in various organizations. As such, employees will take into consideration whether taking international assignment will influence their professional career. This is because relocation will disrupt the cash flow or income.

Besides, the spouse will also be reluctant to quit the current position since this will affect the future career prospects. Therefore, employees who are committed to their jobs and families will find it hard to relocate and accept international assignments.

For instance, the ability of the family to adapt to the foreign environment will influence their decision to accept or reject the international assignment. Employees who experience family problems or who are taking care of ailing parents or spouse may opt to decline an international assignment. Therefore, family plays a significant role in determining whether an employee would accept or reject an expatriate position.

The packages that employees are expected to get influence their willingness to take international assignments. Such packages include increased allowances, guaranteed promotion and taking up more challenging roles and responsibilities.

Employee Job Relocation Case Study Solution

If the package an employee is being offered is not satisfactory, the staff may fail to take the international assignment.Case Study It gives a clear picture of the concepts when you practice it through case studies.

Here we have tried to give some live case studies which are interesting and allows you to think beyond the theoretical part and make you capable to apply the concepts in real-time situations.

We are also providing to provide solutions which are free of cost. We welcome your feedback about these HRM case studies. Harsha and Franklin both of them are postgraduates in management under different streams from the same B-School. Both of them are close to each other from the college days itself and the same friendship is continuing in the organization too as they are placed in the same company, Hy-tech technology solutions.

Harsha placed in HR department as employee counselor and. Franklin in the finance department as a key finance executive. As per the grade is concerned both are at the same level but when responsibility is concerned Franklin is holding more responsibility being in core finance.

By nature, Harsha is friendly in nature and ready to help the needy. Franklin is silent in nature ready to help if approached personally and always a bit egoistic in nature. They have successfully completed 4 years in the organization. And management is very much satisfied with both of them as they are equally talented and constant performers. She noticed some behavioral changes with him.

During general conversations, she feels that Franklin is taunting her that she is famous among the employees in the organization, on the other hand, he is not even recognized by fellow employees. One morning Mr. Mehta General Manager Hy-tech technology solutions shocked while going through the mail received from Franklin about his resignation. Mehta called Harsha immediately and discussed the same as she is close to Franklin. By hearing the news Harsha got stunned and said that she does not know this before she also reveled here current experience with him.

In the afternoon Mr. Metha took Franklin to Canteen to make him comfortable after some general discussion he starts on the issue. Franklin, after some hesitation, opened his thinking in front of Mr. The problem of Franklin is. It happens to Franklin that he has to face such degradation in each day of work which totally disturbs him.

We have the same number of experiences in this organization. Moreover, the responsibilities with me are more valuable than those of Harsha. By listening to this statement Mr. Metha felt that it is not going to be very difficult to stop his resignation. Mehta explained Franklin the reasons for such partial behavior of the employees. After listening to Mr. And he called Harsha and spoke with like before. Mehta listening to this case understood the situation and realized the reason behind the partial response given by the employees towards Franklin and Harsha.

As Franklin said both Harsha and Franklin are passed out from the same college in the same year. Both of them joined the company together both have same experience. Even in performance-wise, both stands in the same level i.

Franklin analyzed all the above-said similarities between him and Harsha.

Equal but separate quote

He also stated that he holds more responsibility than that of Harsha. One thing Franklin did not notice or analyzed is the job profile of Harsha.

ihrm case study with solution


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